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The Importance of Discipline in Education

May 11th, 2012

The discipline is closely linked to education. It is the very foundation of education. In the educational process is assumed to impose limits on the actions of individuals, in order to search for efficiency. This is because acting with discipline leads to intelligent action. People tend to act impulsively, without considering the consequences of their actions. The course is limited this trend, for best results. Analyzing the effects of a disciplined action, we can better understand why we should educate using discipline. When we are disciplined we obtain the following effects:

  • Organize our actions, ie following the ordering act more rational, which leads to higher efficiency. The person who is disorganized expends more energy to perform their tasks and takes longer to execute them, which means that it becomes less productive.
  • The individual raised with discipline is more effective to act, sets goals and follows with more determination than one who follows his impulses. This is a consequence of their training that gave him the sense of duty and the value of persistence to achieve their goals.
  • The person who masters his evil tendencies becomes more reliable, because it is polite to act with honesty and fairness, will hardly be carried away by their passions that would make the move away from ethical behavior.

In the wolrd, we noticed that a lot of clutter, improvisation, and many cases of corruption in the administration of both municipal and state or federal, much disobedience to the laws and regulations, a lot of violence, many traffic accidents due to carelessness, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol. There are also many deficiencies in public transport, roads, conservation in schools, poor service and lack of materials and equipment in public buildings especially in the health sector generally lack funds and personnel, in turn due to mismanagement or result of diversion of resources as a result of corruption. All these problems arise from failure in education, not forming solid citizens, able and committed to the public good.

In education, of primary importance for the development of the country, we notice the mediocre results obtained by both students in elementary, medium and higher. This is due to deficiency of schools, but mainly by the neglect of the pre-school education, which should be attributed to parents, but that is deficient due to various causes, and the main is because parents work outside and have no time to provide the necessary training to their children. The result is that children go to school with many defects, such as defiance, aggression, laziness and lack of interest. So the school performance is almost nil. The solution to this situation would the children be educated by trained personnel, since 2 or 3 years old at public daycare centers, teaching children to be disciplined. This does not mean that we should apply punishment for this purpose, but simply to teach them proving that, acting with discipline, the results of their actions will be better.